There is no shortage of areas in which business leaders can offer thoughtful, measured responses and solutions.

That’s where CED comes in. Our Members join CED to make an impact.

The Committee for Economic Development (CED) has a storied past dating back to 1942.  Founded by prominent CEOs to develop sound economic policy during the Second World War, CED was a force behind both the Bretton Woods Agreement and the Marshall Plan. 

Fast forward to present day, CED has sunk its teeth into multi-year programs aimed at sustainable capitalism, teacher effectiveness, campaign finance reform, and placing more women on corporate boards. We have aligned with the Fix the Debt campaign and other influential programs designed at tackling some of our countries most pressing issues.

CED partners frequently with other groups because we believe that many good minds are better than one and because, quite simply, business and the economy are inseparably linked.

For over 70 years, CED has focused on serving the public interest through a pragmatic business lens.

In these times of bipartisan discord, our commitment to represent the reasoned, nonpartisan voice of business becomes more important than ever before.

Steve Odland

Chief Executive Officer