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In the Nation's Interest

How To Fix Washington? Here’s Our Holiday Wish List

The bad news for business leaders is that it is probably too late to get on Santa's good side for 2016. The good news is that there are many opportunities for 2017.

Unfortunately, there are so many opportunities because our nation's elected policymakers have allowed so many problems to fester in partisan discord and inaction. Business leaders need to encourage our political leaders to make the current change of administration a new beginning of bipartisan cooperation, putting the good of the nation first.

Here is a checklist of imperatives for Washington:

  1. Repair our health care system. Even Obamacare's most devoted supporters know that it needs repair. Even the current system's fiercest adversaries know that the nation will not tolerate throwing millions of modest-income families off of insurance coverage. So the boundaries of the playing field should be clear. And while we are at it, we must fix Medicare, too. Medicare will drain its own trust fund dry in no more time than it will take the best new plan enacted today to turn the program around. We need a more-efficient health care system to deliver quality care to our elderly without telling typical retired workers that they have to foot the entire bill.

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