Member Briefing

David Hoffman on China’s Growing Economic Influence

The world economy, global business environment, and international financial markets are increasingly influenced by actions and events undertaken in and by China. This exposure is poorly understood, but is steadily shifting the established global economic order and quietly encroaching on the American-built ‘rules of the road’ for international economic interactions. President Trump has vowed to defend the U.S. from these incursions, but it is difficult to discern rhetoric from action and to predict the Administration’s ever-changing priorities and intentions. Meanwhile, China’s gradually slowing economic growth affects all of these interactions. U.S. trade policy and practices are likely to bubble up to the top of the agenda in late 2017, and how China is targeted – and reacts to – potential White House or Congressional action looms large for all American MNCs with global footprints.

Join David Hoffman, Managing Director of The Conference Board’s China Center; Ethan Cramer-Flood, Associate Director of TCB’s China Center; and Erik Lundh, TCB’s Senior Economist for China Geo-Economics, for a discussion centered on China’s growing global economic influence and the evolving U.S.-Chinese relationship. They will explore both how this changing landscape is impacting U.S. MNC operations and risk assessments and what business executives need to understand to prepare themselves for various policy scenarios.