Conversations on College- and Career-Readiness

Developing the Talent Pipeline in the Workforce

April 01, 2016

“The U.S. K-12 system has been tested. We know there’s more to do in technical skills, but while we’re doing that, the K-12 system should not ignore the critical thinking, teamwork, etc. that are the soft skills.”

“While most of the newspaper focus is around ‘hard skills’ (STEM), the softer skills (communication, teamwork) are equally and in some ways more important.”

“I am very excited about the work that CED is doing in this space around education and particularly the focus on financial literacy and financial education, nothing can be more important.”

“At the end of the day, the most important thing that business leaders can provide is our own human capital as we help to educate others.”

Featuring Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
President and CEO