Making Capitalism Sustainable

Capitalism sets the stage for groundbreaking innovation. Inspires the ingenuity of the entrepreneur. And through its ability to create unparalleled prosperity, helps millions realize the American Dream.

But today, hurdles like never before jeopardize capitalism – and all the opportunity that can stem from it. Soaring health costs strain our wallets. Zip codes point to which kids get a strong start. Favoritism seeps into nearly every corner of legislation. And mountainous debt saddles our graduates and pushes investments off our shores.

Sustainable capitalism is our destination. Each week on TrueChat, the Committee for Economic Development brings on America’s top business and policy leaders to lay out the coordinates.

April 25, 2017

The State and Direction of Digital Transformation

Host Joe Minarik is joined by Bas Burger, a Member of CED and President of BT Americas. They discuss the ever-changing world of technology, along with how companies can take advantage of it and protect themselves from new threats.

April 09, 2017

How Can We Solve the National Debt?

Host Joe Minarik talks the national debt with Pete Selleck, the Chairman and President of Michelin North America and a Member of CED. Pete discusses the current and future economic consequences of the national debt. Moreover, to help foster prosperity for current and subsequent generations, he lays out a set of comprehensive, feasible solutions.

April 02, 2017

What to Expect on Infrastructure

Host Steve Odland talks infrastructure policy with Rick Geddes, Professor at Cornell University. What has the new Administration promised, what can you expect, and how will it affect you?

March 12, 2017

What Really Is the Border Adjustment Tax?

Congress has floated the idea of the U.S. having a border adjustment tax. What is it and what would it mean for you? Joe Minarik takes you through the proposal, distilling fact from fiction and laying out its unintended consequences.

January 09, 2017

The First 100 Days: Regulation

What role will regulation play in the new administration's first 100 days? Joe Minarik, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at CED, joins host Mike Petro to discuss.

January 06, 2017

The First 100 Days: Taxation

What role will tax reform play in the new administration's first 100 days? Joe Minarik, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at CED, joins host Mike Petro to discuss.

December 18, 2016

The First 100 Days: Trade

What role will trade play in the new administration's first 100 days? Joe Minarik, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at CED, joins host Steve Odland to discuss.

December 12, 2016

The First 100 Days: Health Care Reform

What role will health care reform play in the new administration's first 100 days? Joe Minarik, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at CED, joins host Steve Odland to discuss.

November 18, 2016

What’s the Future of Higher Education?

Dr. Bob Mendenhall, former president of Western Governors University (WGU) and CED Member, joins Monica Herk to discuss the future of higher education and how WGU is making it a reality.

November 04, 2016

How to Revive Bipartisanship

CED Members and former Congressmen Bob Walker (Republican) and Ron Klein (Democrat) join Steve Odland to discuss reviving something that Washington, D.C. sorely lacks: bipartisanship. 

October 28, 2016

Why is Free Trade Essential?

Barbra Franklin, former United States Secretary of Commerce and CED Member, joins Steve Odland to explain the economic benefits of free trade, along with the challenges and opportunities around advancing it. 

October 21, 2016

Why Use Evidence to Make Policy?

Dr. Bob Hahn, Director of Economics at the Smith School at the University of Oxford, discusses evidence-based policymaking's potential to revolutionize government and the private sector, why it has been overlooked, and in what sectors it is already underway.

October 14, 2016

How Corporations Address America’s Biggest Challenges

Joe Kasputys, CEO of Economic Ventures, discusses the evolving role of U.S. corporations, how they are now balancing profit goals and social concerns, and how their commitments play into the larger issue of making capitalism sustainable. 

October 07, 2016

Why STEM Education is All the Rage

Monica Herk weighs in on the growing demand for STEM jobs, how our educational system is preparing students for these jobs, and steps students can take to see if these occupations spark their interest. 

September 30, 2016

What Is Campaign Finance Doing to our Elections?

Tony Corrado joins Steve Odland for a discussion on the consequences of the current U.S. campaign finance system, steps that can be taken to reform it, along with some new surprising data on which constituencies are giving generously and which are largely holding back.

September 16, 2016

Immigration: Setting the Record Straight

Join Monica Herk and Diane Lim as they discuss the truth about what immigration does and does not do for America's jobs, unemployment rate and overall economy.

September 09, 2016

Economic Inequality: 2016’s Lightning Rod

David Langstaff, President of Argotyche, joins CED in studio to discuss one of the most polarizing issues facing the country: economic inequality. David weighs in on what’s exacerbating the gap, solutions to help close it, and the consequences that could unfold if the status quo remains.

September 02, 2016

Labor Day Lowdown On the August Jobs Report

CED economist Diane Lim lays out the key takeaways from the August jobs report. Moreover, she explains the major economic shifts and activities taking place that the monthly report does not capture. 

August 26, 2016

Taking the Cronyism Out of Capitalism

Bernard Bailey, the Chairman and CEO of Authentix, discusses the negative effects of crony capitalism and what we, as a nation, must do to combat them.

August 12, 2016

The Overlooked Elections this November

In over 30 states, citizens this November won’t just vote for who should helm the Oval Office. They’ll also cast their ballots for state and local judges. But does the election process – and all the fanfare that can come with it – safeguard judges from political influence so they can decide cases in a fair manner? Campaign finance guru Dr. Tony Corrado weighs in.

August 05, 2016

Why Gender-Diverse Boards Make America More Competitive

Today women earn more degrees than men and comprise half the workforce, yet they hold only one in five Fortune 1000 board seats. As business leader Henrietta H. Fore explains, for companies to maintain competitive in today’s global economy, they must harness all available talent, especially for decision-making at the highest echelons of companies.  

August 01, 2016

The Path Forward for Health Care Reform

Nearly every year, health care take an increasing bite out of Americans’ wallets. As economist Joe Minarik details, its high price tag largely results from a system that’s filled with inefficiencies. The chief remedy? More competition. Patients nationwide could then access quality care and experience the peace of mind that comes with it.

July 22, 2016

How Do We Address America’s Mountain of Debt?

Today, the national debt clocks in at nearly $14 trillion. Left unaddressed, it will spare no one, harming the American Dream for the young while weakening retirement programs for the elderly. As a former Chief Economist under the Clinton administration, CED’s Joe Minarik brings his fiscal expertise to this podcast, discussing the current state of the debt, the challenges that lay ahead, and solutions.   

July 15, 2016

Understanding Your Paystub’s Relationship to Uncle Sam

Which government programs are your paycheck’s withholdings going toward? CED’s Diane Lim sits down with host Mike Petro to discuss the past, present and future of these programs, and what steps policymakers can take to put them on a sound trajectory. 

July 08, 2016

Why Early Education Packs an Economic Punch

Larry Jensen, President & CEO of real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield/Commercial Advisors, weighs in on the myriad economic benefits of early education, for both kids and society at large. He also discusses the progress his city of Memphis has made, and how business leaders and policymakers across the country can follow suit. 

July 01, 2016

Being a CEO in Today’s Global Economy

Committee for Economic Development CEO Steve Odland sits down with host Mike Petro to weigh in on the life of the modern CEO. As former CEO of Office Depot and AutoZone, he brings a wealth of experience to the topic. Steve discusses challenges that include guiding a company for long-term success amid short-term pressures, and both the challenges and opportunities brought by globalization.

June 24, 2016

Series Premiere: Introduction to CED

On the premiere of Making Capitalism Sustainable, former Brookings Institution President Bruce MacLaury takes listeners on a tour of the Committee for Economic Development. Bruce discusses CED’s founding, which harkens back to the Second World War, and how seven decades later, the organization continues developing nonpartisan solutions to the biggest economic and educational challenges facing the nation – especially ones that will face our next President and Congress.