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The current tax system has become unnecessarily complex and riddled with inequitable special preferences that distort our market economy. An ineffective tax system cannot raise the revenues required to finance federal expenditures and restrain budget deficits without placing heavy burdens on the economy and society. As a first step to control the rising federal budget deficits that threaten long-term economic growth, CED has proposed revamping our tax system. The United States needs both a consumption tax and a simpler, progressive income tax –the former to raise additional revenues on a very broad base in an economically neutral manner, the latter to preserve the fairness of the tax system.

"Unlike some 'fundamental tax reforms' that involve scrapping the income tax entirely and thereby creating enormous problems for the transition to a new system, the CED plan reforms the tax system to generate revenue in the most achievable and equitable manner possible."" - W. Bowman Cutter, CED Member and Managing Director of Warburg Pincus LLC.

Poll: New Mexico Business Leaders Concerned About Ethical Behavior of Elected Officials, Support Solutions

Poll ResultsThe Committee for Economic Development's commissioned survey looks at New Mexico business leaders’ perceptions about the influence of money in politics, campaign finance reform and transparency, the effects of crony capitalism...

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The Skinny on the Fat Tax

By Courtney Baird Research AssociateObesity Rates Slowing, but Not EnoughAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 69.1% of American adults age 20 years and over are either overweight or obese.  This percentage...

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By Joe Minarik Senior VP & Director of ResearchMy lifetime hero, the economist Arthur Okun, used to liken the difficulty of making monetary policy to a hapless early-morning shower-taker, who alternately scalds and freezes...

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August 2014 Trustee Update Call: Mergers and Acquisitions 2014

By Jeffrey Hooke Vice President and Director of Economic StudiesAn Upward Trend, Interrupted by Booms and BustsMerger and acquisition activity over the last 20 years has shown a marked growth trend, interrupted by peaks...

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Spring Policy Conference, May 1-2, 2014: Washington, DC

Please join the Committee for Economic Development for our two-day Spring Policy Conference on May 1-2, 2014.This year’s program will feature in-depth conversations with senior leaders, CEOs, economists, and policy makers, on early...

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Corporate Tax Reform: A Long Way to Go

By Joseph MinarikA couple of weeks ago, President Obama released his proposed “grand bargain” – which was a trade of a corporate tax reform, with a reduced tax rate, for a one-time...

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August 2013 Trustee Call

On August 21, 2013, Joe Minarik, Elliot Schwartz and Steve Odland presented updates to Trustees as part of CED's regular monthly conference call series. This month, Joe Minarik presented an analysis of the intricacies of corporate...

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When Are Spending Cuts Real?

By Joseph MinarikOver the last 72 hours, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has done a messaging tap dance.  First he made comments about the political behavior of former President Ronald Reagan and also his...

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U.S. Corporate Chiefs Ask Washington For New “Competitiveness Agenda”

CED Announces Broad Support for Its Deficit Reduction Efforts and the Need for a Simpler Tax Code to Make the U.S. More Globally Competitive While Also Raising Revenue.The Committee for Economic Development (CED),...

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Tax bill sends wrong message

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CED Vice President Joe Minarik on CNBC

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A New Tax Framework: A Blueprint for Averting a Fiscal Crisis

This report presents fiscally responsible recommendations for overhauling the federal tax system and raising the revenues needed to combat mounting federal budget deficits and the fiscal demands presented by an aging society. The proposal calls...

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@CEDUpdate Part 2 of our #Debt 101 series is out! In part 1, we explained what the debt is and outlined why such a large debt……