College- and Career-Ready


College- and Career-Ready


The United States is falling behind in education compared to other industrialized countries – with severe economic repercussions for individuals, businesses, and the nation. To ensure that students successfully develop the knowledge and skills to be college- and career-ready in the 21st century, CED supports the implementation of rigorous, internationally-benchmarked academic standards in states as part of a high-quality comprehensive education system. With such standards, states can help every student – especially those who are disadvantaged – to be prepared to compete for jobs and gain equal opportunity to access the middle class. Academic standards serve as a framework to guide local educational development about what students should know and be able to do at each grade level.

The business and policy communities can take the following actions to promote access to high-quality educational standards for every student:

  1. Build your knowledge and understanding of standards and why their quality is important. Learn about what they represent and share what you know.
  2. Champion efforts to support ongoing implementation of high educational standards by voicing your support. State-level decision makers need to hear from business leaders like you. Write an op-ed, use social media, or meet with your state elected officials.
  3. Educate your colleagues and other stakeholders about the challenges of implementation at the local level, support those on the front lines including teachers and principals, and partner with schools and others to create solutions for your community.



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