Postsecondary Education


Postsecondary Education


After decades as the international leader in postsecondary education, the United States now trails other nations in providing students with the higher education skills, knowledge, and credentials that support national economic growth.

To help close this skills gap so the nation remains globally competitive, CED research looks at the methods, challenges, and impediments of employers seeking to support the higher degree attainment and skills certification of their employees.



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Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Michael Chesser
Chairman and CEO (Retired)
Great Plains Energy, Inc.
Howard Fluhr
Chairman Emeritus
The Segal Group
Larry Jensen
President & CEO
Cushman & Wakefield/Commercial Advisors
Teresa Carlson
Vice President, General Public Sector
Amazon Web Services
Scott Pulsipher
Western Governors University
Chris Gabrieli
Co-Founder and CEO
Empower Schools