CED's ongoing projects address some of the most pressing public policy issues affecting U.S. economic development today. Each current CED project originates with a subcommittee made up of policy experts, CED Trustees and other executives, who discuss the issues and formulate policy recommendations based on these informed discussions. All of CED's ongoing activities and events are built around these policy recommendations made by Trustees in the subcommittee process.

Fiscal Health Project
CED advocates for bipartisan solutions to the nation's long-term debt crisis in forums and other events around the country and at key points in the political debates. CED's work on the budget and economic policy is tied to our central mission of improving sustained economic growth and development for all Americans. Learn more >>

Money In Politics Project
CED is deeply concerned about the changes taking place in political finance. Current fundraising practices promote a pay-to-play mentality that encourages political giving as a means of influencing legislative decision-making. CED urges companies to adopt policies on political spending with board engagement and oversight with emphasis on transparency and disclosure. Learn more >>

Early Learning Project
To remain globally competitive, the U.S. must have a world-class education system. CED first recommended investing in early childhood education over 40 years ago as a means to promote quality learning and as part of a comprehensive strategy to sustain economic growth. These programs range from birth through third grade. Learn more >>

Sustainable Capitalism Project
A program launched in coordination with CED’s upcoming 75th anniversary to renew a founding principle. Learn more >>

Health Care Reform Project
The newly reconvened Healthcare Reform Subcommittee is expanding upon past CED research to provide a deeper and more detailed vision of the feasibility of a health insurance system with market-based competition among private insurance plans. Learn more >>

Women On Corporate Boards Project
CED’s recent work examines the current state of corporate boards and urges companies to expand opportunities for women and make it a priority to develop the talents and advance the careers of female staff who have been identified as potential leaders. Learn more >>

Teacher Effectiveness Project
CED’s main program outcomes include: Examining and highlighting each community’s efforts to improve teacher quality. Focusing the attention of business, education, and labor stakeholders on the current teacher-effectiveness agenda, evidence-based reform projects, and the potential for system improvement. Building and strengthening partnerships with business and education, reaching out to include labor representation (where applicable), and linking these efforts to state-level policy reforms. Developing and supporting the implementation of policies and strategies for strengthening the teacher quality system. Learn more >>

Postsecondary Education Project
CED believes that meeting national needs will require postsecondary institutions to improve their success rates in attracting and graduating individuals who have traditionally been under-represented in postsecondary education; adults of working age and minorities who make up a growing proportion of the population. CED believes that an informed and mobilized business community can make an enormous difference in identifying, framing, and supporting critical reform strategies to improve the postsecondary education system in the U.S. In 2012, CED released a report, Boosting Postsecondary Education Performance, which calls on the business community to become active advocates at the state level for broad-access institutions (regional public colleges, community and technical colleges and for-profit colleges). Learn more >>

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