Poll: New Mexico Business Leaders Concerned About Ethical Behavior of Elected Officials, Support Solutions

Poll Results

The Committee for Economic Development's commissioned survey looks at New Mexico business leaders’ perceptions about the influence of money in politics, campaign finance reform and transparency, the effects of crony capitalism on government corruption, and proposals the New Mexico State Legislature may consider to change transparency laws and campaign finance system. 

250 business leaders from across the state were surveyed between January 13th and 27th. Highlights are as follows:

Many of the poll questions mentioned above were also asked in the February 2015 CED poll of New Mexico business leaders. A comparison of the 2015 and 2016 poll reveals a now-greater sense of pessimism in multiple areas. Takeaways from the two polls are as follows:

While poll participants expressed significant disdain for crony capitalism and other unethical behavior, they expressed equal enthusiasm for proposals to combat it. Select proposals they support the legislature enacting include:

The poll and its methodology can be read here. The findings come on the heels of a CED-sponsored report detailing the causes of, and solutions to, crony capitalism. Released in January in conjunction with the University of New Mexico, Crony Capitalism, Corruption, and the Economy in the State of New Mexico can be read here.

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February 08, 2016

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