Every Other One: A Status Update

November 14, 2016

In an effort to accelerate progress for women in corporate boardrooms, CED launched the Every Other One initiative in 2014. Every Other One advocates that if every other corporate board seat vacated by a retiring board member were filled by a woman, while retaining existing female seats, women would occupy nearly a third of board seats in the next five years and ultimately reach parity.

As part of the Every Other One initiative, CED outlines multiyear guidelines implemented through direct outreach from our “ambassadors” to CEOs and chairs of nominating and governance committees of Fortune 1000 companies. The initiative began with a letter sent to Fortune 1000 nominating and governance committee chairs, signed by CED Members—who are Fortune 500 CEOs, senior executives, university presidents, and policy experts—describing the importance of increasing the number of women on corporate boards.

As of November 2016, 37 ambassadors have held peer-to-peer discussions with board nominating committee chairs and CEOs to uncover the challenges involved in increasing the number of women on boards. This report shares the findings from the first round of meetings and outlines a range of company-led, voluntary solutions for making progress.