In the Nation's Interest

Addressing the Skills Gap

Today, with 6.7% of the country unemployed yet unable to fill four million open positions, many are questioning a “skills gap” in American workers. 

With funding from the Lumina Foundation, CED is embarking on an 18-month research project to address this issue and find solutions for American businesses, employees, and postsecondary education institutions.

Through a series of focus group events and brief interviews, CED will (1) identify promising business practices for employee postsecondary degree attainment and certification; (2) assess both incentives and impediments; and, (3) look at factors that determine success.

This project will focus efforts specifically in four key metropolitan areas— New York (New York City), Tennessee (Memphis), Florida (Miami), and Michigan (Detroit).

Please contact Cindy Cisneros,, for more information.