In the Nation's Interest

America Has Got to Invest in Education

“The education system needs to be innovative and it needs to reflect this economy that we live in now." –Mike Petro, Executive Vice President, CED

Education and the business community are inextricably linked, and new reports out from CED highlight this critical connection.

In a recent polling of our membership, one CED Trustee exclaimed, “America has got to invest in education. In particular, we have got to put extra energy and creative innovation into the segment of the population that is mired in the bottom 10% of our economy. While others move up and out and prosper, we have a desperate group bunched at the bottom that is simply not getting addressed or improved. ”

CED has been hard at work this spring, releasing three new state issue briefs, in a series of six, that encapsulate this imperative in our education system:

Partnerships with local business groups and other community education stakeholders have also yielded positive results in raising awareness, including local media coverage in Ft. Worth, Texas; a conversation with NPR affiliate Jim Engster in Baton Rouge; and a discussion of STEM success in Miami with the Jose Marti MAST Academy.