In the Nation's Interest

CED Announces Millennial-Focused Project

The growth rate of the United States’ national debt is a significant threat to the quality of life of the future generations. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that, if current policies remain in place, the debt will reach 79% of GDP and continue to be on an upward and unsustainable path by 2024. Yet as it continues to escalate, lawmakers have avoided addressing the debt in a collaborate manner, instead providing only lip service to the issue on how it will negatively affect their children and grandchildren. Rarely, however, is the generation in question- the ‘Millennials’- heard from.

In an effort to shift the conversation, CED is inviting young professionals to bring their innovative ideas to the discussion by producing a brief policy proposal containing recommendations to prevent a future fiscal crisis that would severely burden the Millennial generation.

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