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CED Launches New Partnership with the Women’s Forum of New York

CEOs can help to increase gender diversity on corporate boards through sponsoring highly talented women within their companies for outside board positions. CED’s recent report, Fulfilling the Promise: How More Women on Corporate Boards Would Make American Companies and America More Competitive, recommends that CEOs sponsor talented women as well as encourage board nominating committees to require female board candidates in talent searches. CED’s new partnership with the Women’s Forum of New York will promote their CEO-Sponsored Corporate Board Database, which provides a service that allows board-ready women to be matched with boards searching for such talent.

The Women’s Forum Corporate Boards Database is a unique resource for CEOs and search firms.  Candidates are recommended by a F1000 CEO or Board Chair – providing a built in level of vetting. These recommendations are available only to nominating committees of corporate boards and executive search firms actively seeking qualified board candidates.

Please click here to recommend a woman to their database or to access the database, contact for more information.