In the Nation's Interest

CED Releases Spring Trustee Policy Poll

The Committee for Economic Development (CED) today unveiled results of its inaugural Trustee policy poll.  Questions focused on the state of the economy, monetary, fiscal, and healthcare policy, business statesmanship, and more.

Poll highlights include:

  • 88% percent do not believe that the Congress can or will reach a bipartisan solution to the nation’s budget problem this year.
  • 41% believe the Federal Reserve will tighten its current stance on monetary policy in 2015.
  • 17% believe it will be more than five years from now.
  • 63% percent believe that the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will be the core of U.S. health care five years from now.
  • Slightly more than half (54 %) say that the nation’s annual budget deficit will be higher five years from now than it is this year.

To view the poll and analysis, please click here.