In the Nation's Interest

CED Releases Working Paper: “Business Statesmanship and Sustainable Capitalism: Can Corporate Leaders Help Put America and American Business Back on Track?”

The political and economic environment that sustains American capitalism is extraordinarily weak at present.  Rightly or wrongly, cyclical factors—the Great Recession and its aftermath—have damaged the reputation and societal standing of business and some business leaders.  Effective business leadership, not just within the narrow context of business itself but, as important, within the broader society can play an important role in lifting the performance of the U.S. economy and sustaining capitalism, which has so greatly advanced our standard of living. Why are business leaders not in the forefront of public discourse over national economic policy and the future of capitalism? CED’s newly released working paper, Business Statesmanship and Corporate Governance, delves into these issues and provides recommendations intended to stimulate change within the U.S. business community. This paper is the first in a series of reports CED will develop leading up to our 75th anniversary in 2017.