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Nation’s Report Card Paints Startling Picture of College-and Career-Readiness

"Despite the highest high school graduation rate in our history, and despite growth in student achievement over time in elementary school and middle school, student achievement at the high school level has been flat in recent years…We must reject educational stagnation in our high schools, and as a nation, we must do better for all students, especially for African-American and Latino students." – Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

In the past four years, our high school students have not made any measurable progress in mathematics and reading.

That’s the news coming from yesterday’s “Nation’s Report Card,” issued by the U.S. Department of Education.

The data show that of the 92,000 high school students assessed in 2013:
• Only 38% scored as proficient readers, and
• 74% failed to show math proficiency.

Over the past decade, a substantial “skills mismatch” has emerged between employer needs and employee qualifications. Our failure to improve education in our country has clearly generated severe economic repercussions for individuals, businesses, and the nation.

A “world leader” that ranks 26th for math, 21st for science, and 17th for reading among 34 industrialized nations must do better for our future generations.

CED is excited to begin work promoting the importance of high-quality standards in the K-12 educational system as part of promising postsecondary pathways for our students and our national competitiveness. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year.