In the Nation's Interest

Oxford Analytica’s Background Briefing Book for CED

David Young, a CED Trustee and the Chairman of Oxford Analytica, has kindly provided CED with a background Briefing Book that features recent articles from the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief.  These articles focus on some of the dominant public policies and issues, many of which were discussed at CED’s 2014 Fall Policy Conference, facing both the U.S. and its global counterparts.

The background Briefing Book can be both read and downloaded here.


Oxford Analytica is an international consulting firm founded in 1975. Executives in over 150 major banks, corporations, and professional services firms as well as leaders in over 50 governments and international institutions rely on our Daily Brief service, monitoring of worldwide risks, and innovative research. Our aim is to provide objective analysis of the macro political, economic, and social forces that impact business around the world.

Non-CED publications are the views of an individual Trustee and/or entity and not the official policy of CED.