In the Nation's Interest

Panel on the National Debt Crisis: What Should We Do?

The U.S. economy, along with most developed nations across the globe, is struggling with unprecedented levels of debt. Are these debt levels manageable? Are tax increases and spending cuts inevitable? Can we grow our way out of the debt crisis? Will we find the political will to solve this problem or must we, much like an addict, hit rock bottom before we truly begin recovery? The Debt Crisis panel will tackle these issues in a frank discussion about the challenges we face in finding and implementing realistic solutions to this compelling issue.

Presented by the Wake Forest University BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism.
Presentation Panel:
Michael Peterson, President and Chief Operating Officer, Peter G. Peterson Foundation; President and Founding Partner of GPX Enterprises, LP
Joe Minarik, PhD, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at the Committee for Economic Development
Phil Smith, National Political Director and SE Regional Director of The Concord Coalition
Sherry Jarrell, PhD (moderator), Professor of Practice of Finance & Economics, WFU Schools of Business

Click here to view an a recording of the event.