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Petro Speaks on Early Education to NY State Board of Regents

“The Committee for Economic Development has a decades-old commitment to quality early-childhood education. Over recent years, the case for investment in the early years of childhood has become stronger and more urgent. We continue to believe that investments in human capital are among the most important our nation can make, and that the business community should take the lead in making this case to both policy-makers and the public at large.” - Michael Petro


On September 16th, CED's Executive Vice President, Michael Petro, provided keynote remarks at the New York State Board of Regents’ school finance symposium. Petro spoke at length about the significance of early childhood education, including: CED’s longstanding history of the organization’s business leaders supporting this issue; the paradigm shift that resulted in early childhood education being seen as an economic imperative; the myriad social and economic benefits of investing in the early years, along with the consequences of not; and, the groundbreaking recommendations from CED’s 2012 report, Unfinished Business, about how the business community can further support early childhood education.

Select slides from the presentation are below: