In the Nation's Interest

Poll Shows Business Leaders Want a Bold New Direction in Health-Care Reform

Wednesday, June 24 - Our survey of 300 business executives reveals a resounding vote of no-confidence in the viability of our current health-care system. What's more, business leaders believe that now is the time for a substantial overhaul. They expressed a preference for a new health-care model that forges a path of bold reform rather than making mere tweaks to the current system.

  • 62 percent of America's business leaders agree our current employer-based health care system is not sustainable in the long-term.
  • 60 percent support a market-based system of competing plans similar to Members of Congress, where the government organizes a menu of private insurance plans from which each individual may choose.

CED believes that this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to control health-care costs, expand coverage, and improve quality-a belief increasingly shared by America's business community. Together, we can keep health-care reform moving down the right road.