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Postsecondary Education: Breakfast for Business Leaders

On February 22, 2012, CED Trustee and Postsecondary Education Subcommittee Co-Chairman Jeff Joerres, Chairman and CEO, ManpowerGroup hosted a breakfast on postsecondary education at ManpowerGroup's headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The breakfast convened 25 regional business leaders, economic policy experts and postsecondary professionals to discuss postsecondary education and how business can play a role in shaping the sector's reform efforts.

The breakfast is a part of CED's Business Champions for Postsecondary Student Success, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded initiative that seeks to engage business leaders in identifying and promoting strategies to improve the skills of all students, and to increase the number who obtain postsecondary degrees or certificates that are valuable – to both individuals and employers – in the marketplace.