Denver Early Education Forum

CED sponsored a day-long session on children in poverty for the fifty future community leaders enrolled in the Denver Metro Chamber's 2009 Leadership program. The forum highlighted poverty among children ages 0-5 years. CED Trustee Barbara Grogan, Chairman Emeritus of Western Industrial Contractors, opened the event by reminding participants of the active role Colorado business leaders have played in the past to support the state's children and urged them to continue this legacy. Other speakers included Barbara O'Brien, Lieutenant Governor of Colorado, and Jenifer Stedron, Program Manager-Education Department, National Conference of State Legislatures.

Poverty Day combined experiential learning with hard data which helped the group grapple with the issues of poverty and children. At the end of Poverty Day, participants were encouraged to form their own personal action plan to address the plight of children in poverty. Funding for this event, which was organized by the Colorado Children's Campaign, came from the Buffett Early Childhood Fund.

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