Ensuring Access and Boosting Higher Education in California

On October 8, 2012, The Committee for Economic Development (CED) and The Bay Area Council hosted a luncheon forum featuring remarks by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, and the release of CED's policy statement "Boosting Postsecondary Education Performance." These presentations were followed by a panel discussing the state of higher education in California.

The California education system, once recognized as a national "gold standard," has seen significant decline in recent years. Rising tuition costs, unstable revenue streams, and inefficient programming are all contributing factors to this decline. At the CED event, Lt. Governor Newsom discussed his recent support of the Middle Class Scholarship Plan, as well as his plan to combat California's rising tuition costs. Additionally, a panel of business and education leaders discussed the impact of these proposals at the local level and offered possible solutions to ensure greater college attainment and long term economic growth.