Language Learning for a Global Age: Policy Briefing

Members of Congress had a special briefing on the importance of developing language skills among a rising generation. As a co-sponsor of the event, the Committee for Economic Development’s Trustee Alfred Mockett, CEO of Management Systems, and CED President Charles Kolb participated with other industry leaders in business, national security, education, and members of Congress to share their perspectives.

Charles Kolb and Alfred Mockett

Business leader Alfred Mockett noted that "business may be global but markets are multi-local." That is, business markets are scattered geographically and have different demands. But by being multi-local--many localized business centers operating in synch--global corporations understands on-the-ground sensitivities of local markets. "And that [type of cross-border understanding and cooperation] need to start in K-12." Alfred Mockett is CEO of American Managements Systems, a multinational tech corporation with annual sales of nearly $1 billion. Read more...