Major Business Leaders Pledge to Support Debt Reduction Process

CED wants a bipartisan solution to the U.S. debt crisis. The problem is a political one - leaders must decide on a package of spending cuts and tax increases to stabilize the long-term public debt. Negotiations must have no preconditions. Political inaction could result in catastrophic consequences for the economy.; As leaders in the business community, we expect to share the effects of reductions in public programs or increases in taxes - or more likely, both. We do not seek sacrifice for its own sake. But we - and we believe all Americans - are prepared to contribute our fair share to make our country sound, secure and strong again. What is good for America is good for American business.;Featured expert Dr. Joseph Minarik;Presentation The Looming Federal Budget Crisis, New Orleans, LA, March, 24, 2011;Presentation Navigating the Budget Minefield: Is There a Way Through?, March 23, 2011;Presentation How We Move Forward and Lessons From the Past, March 10, 2011;Report This Way Down to a Debt Crisis, January 26, 2011 - Press release;Presentation Economy and Budget In Free-Fall, October 26, 2010;Presentation "The Debt Clock is Ticking," February 2, 2010 by Joe Minarik [ppt] [audio];Presentation "Federal Budget Deficit II," September 10, 2009 by Joe Minarik [ppt] [audio];Presentation "Federal Budget Deficit," February 12, 2009 by Joe Minarik [ppt] [audio];Reports;Report This Way Down To a Debt Crisis (2011);Report The Emerging Budget Crisis: Urgent Fiscal Choices (2005) - Summary;Report Fixing Social Security: A CED Policy Update (2005);Report A New Tax Framework: A Blueprint for Averting a Fiscal Crisis (2005);- Summary;Report Fixing Social Security (1997);- Summary