Skilling Up: Why Business Must Champion Higher Education Reforms for a Secure Economic Future

On Thursday, September 15, 2011, CED hosted a discussion with Jamie Merisotis, President & CEO, Lumina Foundation.

Our nation's economic and social well-being will increasingly be defined by the skills and knowledge of our citizens. A recent report from Georgetown University finds that our economy will be short 3 million college graduates by 2018. The simple fact is that our economy demands more and more college graduates.

With the cost of higher education escalating rapidly, twice as fast as health care and four times' faster than inflation, and a dearth of workers with needed skills, college attainment is now becoming a core issue for economic growth and is an increasing concern among American businesses.

As a nation, do we really need to "skill up" if we hope to succeed? Why should business care? What should business do relative to higher education reform and U.S. economic security?

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