Conversations on Advancing Early Learning

Insights from Research About a Strong Educational Start for Children

May 24, 2016

Children are born with all the neurons that they need in life, but they don’t have the synaptic connections that determine what type of person they’ll be, or what kind of life they’ll have…the experiences that children have before they go to formal schooling are critical because it’s the fastest period of brain growth.

I discovered that less than 40% of kids went to school to learn, so I began thinking: how can we change that to create life-long learners?

Children are born learning and you can’t stop them for learning – it’s a survival skill. And yet, I was finding through a series of studies of older children that too many kids were dropping out of school, and dropping out of learning as well…that fire in their eyes was being extinguished. I wanted to figure out how we could keep that fire burning.

Child care, like all politics, is local.

Featuring Ellen Galinsky
President and Co-Founder
Families and Work Institute