Conversations on Advancing Early Learning

Unraveling the Science of Early Brain Development

August 30, 2016

When you look at brain development in general, you see this huge growth in the early period. 70% of (adult) size by 1 year of age and 95% by age 5…the architecture of the brain is being built and it’s strongly influenced by experience.

You’ve got businesses all over the country demanding a labor force that’s sophisticated, talented, creative, inventive, and hard working…where are they going to get that workforce? The way to start is in the beginning.

Real role is for cooperation between business leaders, government leaders, and scientists…that hasn’t been fully exercised yet.

One principle that comes from the brain science that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise is this notion that the brain…it codes how humans want to interact.

Featuring Dr. Patricia Kuhl 
University of Washington Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences