Hiring and Higher Education

A new report, Hiring and Higher Education, features qualitative research by Public Agenda commissioned by CED and adds to the growing debate about the role and value of America's higher education system in fueling an economic recovery. In the report, corporate executives speak candidly about the consequences of rising tuition, which they say is putting the squeeze on the middle class. They also express concern that higher education is unable or unwilling to adapt to economic demands and lacks accountability. The result, they say, is a lack of qualified workers for the jobs they have available.

Several American business leaders say that skyrocketing tuition and a growing skills gap could have serious consequences for the nation's economic future. Corporate executives may consider America's higher education system the best in the world, but this report suggests that they believe the challenges of cost, quality and accountability present great threats to the nation's economic prospects.


Date Published
February 13, 2012

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