Adjusting the Prescription: CED Recommendations for Health Care Reform

CED’s latest paper on health care reform, “Adjusting the Prescription: Committee for Economic Development Recommendations for Health Care Reform,” describes how long-term improvement in quality, affordability, and access requires the right balance between the roles of government and the market. CED believes this balance would be achieved through a market-driven system, based on private-sector competition and cost‑conscious consumer choice. It is a follow-up to CED’s 2007 report, Quality, Affordable Health Care for All: Moving Beyond the Employer-Based Health-Insurance System.

This vision builds on the ACA’s advances by strengthening and broadening the new law’s use of those market incentives to drive innovation for higher quality and lower cost, while maintaining an appropriate role for government to facilitate access and ensure that markets work.

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Date Published
April 23, 2015

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