Hiding in Plain Sight: The Problem of Transparency in Political Finance

CED is pleased to present this issue brief, Hiding in Plain Sight: The Problem of Transparency in Political Finance, to provide an update on political financing of the 2012 elections and restate the recommendations outlined by CED’s Money in Politics Subcommittee in our 2011 report, Hidden Money: The Need for Transparency in Political Finance. These reports do not seek to hinder the free speech of individuals, labor unions, or corporations, but rather to urge transparency in political finance. CED Trustees believe that transparency is an essential ingredient of free and competitive markets, and that it is equally important to free and competitive elections.


Date Published
July 24, 2013

Anthony Corrado
Professor of Government, Colby College

@CEDUpdate "We have seen all of today’s #taxreform drama before. Let’s use Pres Reagan’s plan and win this one for the Gipper.……