Quality, Affordable Health Care for All: Moving Beyond the Employer-Based Health-Insurance System

In 2007, CED released a policy statement with recommendations to improve the quality, cost, and coverage of health care. The report concludes that public policy change at the federal level is necessary to improve both the quality and the affordability of health insurance. Reforms are urgently needed to align the incentives of health care providers and consumers to stop the current unsustainable growth in costs and decreasing insurance coverage for Americans. Employers acting alone cannot achieve the necessary changes. The report calls for a public-private solution, which CED calls "market-based universal health insurance" to meet the demands of a modern economy for a healthy, mobile workforce.


Date Published
November 14, 2007

Sub-Committee Chair
Jerome H. Grossman
Senior Fellow and Director of the Harvard/Kennedy School Health Care Delivery Project, Harvard University

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