Tackling Economic Inequality, Boosting Opportunity

April 06, 2016

Capitalism has underpinned the most prosperous nation known to man. But today, acute economic inequality threatens our system’s cohesion, capacity, and viability. Much of this inequality derives from lagging real income growth for the majority of hard-working people, placing the American Dream increasingly out of reach as a result. The issue concerns a broad swath of citizens – from low-income to high-income, living in red states and blue states. Yet there is no agreement, indeed intense controversy, over causes and solutions.

The recommendations outlined in this report reflect a consensus achieved through respectful dialogue among CED Members, who began from diverse perspectives reflecting every corner of the business community. All suggested reforms – spanning health care to taxation to higher education – stem from our belief that the greatest potential to lessen inequality comes through creating equality of opportunity. We provide a framework for driving long- and short-term change in the private sector and at every level of government.